Connors Caring Hands Face of the Month


 September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

This young lady was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the beginning of 2016. During the most scary and tough part of her life, Kaelyn stayed brave and positive through it all. 

After completing her first month of chemo, her and her family found out that she in remission. This was such a relief, but it did not mean she was in the clear. Unfortunately, remission doesn't mean cancer free. Remission is just the start. 

After being told she was in remission, Kaelyn still had to continue going through chemo for the following two years to ensure that the cancer was gone. Over those two years, there were some obstacles and rough patches, but this brave young lady came out a survivor. 

We are extremely proud of her strength, determination, brave attitude and positive outlook on life. 


Connor's Caring Hands Face of the Month

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Information about child nominations:

When a child is selected to become the face of Connor's Caring Hands, their picture and story will be posted on the Face of the Month page of our site for three months. 

When nominating a child, please include their first name, picture and a little bit about their story, struggles, obstacles, etc.

*We would like the opportunity to post everyone's story, so we will be posting about child survivors and those that have passed away. We ask that you be respectful of every story.*

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